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Whitechapel Watchtower from Episode 7. By Paul Duffield

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The Watchtower is a major landmark in Whitechapel. Constructed on top of the broken spire of Christ Church, Spitalfields its constant occupation is a vital part of the settlement's defence[1]. It is first seen in episode seven[2] and appears to be around 75 metres (245 feet) tall[3].

The two platforms[2] are reached by a series of lashed together ladders[4] although Alice's assignment to the tower has spurred the establishment of a rope system[5][6]. The top platform is equipped with a shelter (usually inhabited by Kirk), a spotlight, a radio transmitter, a hand cranked siren, a landing pad for KK's bike and a sanitary bucket.

The watchtower is usually manned by Kirk. Several assistants have been assigned, but most have quit after the first week [7][8]. Alice is the first to stick with the job[9].

Even prior to the Crash the construction of the watchtower would have been a major project, and may have required use of the Package.


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