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Central Whitechapel. A: Sirkka's Place. B: Old Truman Brewery. C: Possible Location of Connor's House. D: Whitechapel Market. E: Karl's Garden. F: Christ Church and Watchtower. G: Freakcave. H: Murder House

Whitechapel is a district of east London controlled by the FreakAngels. Approximately 300 (400 after the events of Book Two)[1] people live under their protection. It is "maybe the last real settlement in flooded London"[2].


Area and Layout

The exact area claimed by the FreakAngels is unknown, however their territory has been shown to include areas of Shoreditch and Spitalfields[3]. Areas as far east as Parfett Street[4] and as far south as Back Church Lane[5] are inhabited. The northern boundary may be near the rail lines north of Quaker Street[6]. The western boundary appears to be the flooded City[3]. Whitechapel has on one occasion been referred to as an island[7].

Commercial Street appears to be the heart of Whitechapel with such facilities as the Market and the Watchtower, with the Desalination Plant seemingly nearby. The homes of at least two FreakAngels are on the street[8] and others appear to be close by[3].


When the FreakAngels arrived in Whitechapel it was in a state of "absolute chaos"[9][10]. Although details are sketchy it's known that a "rape camp" operated in the crypt of Christ Church, producing babies for human consumption[9]. The FreakAngels "cleaned house", placing the area under their protection and establishing a rule of law[11].

The Current Day

Life in Whitechapel under the FreakAngels appears to be as good as is available after the Crash. Food supplies are sufficient and varied[12], clean water is freely available[13], there is a rule of law[14], medical care is provided[15] and attacks from other gangs and factions are strongly repulsed[3]. The events of Book Two have spurred major infrastructure developments including a large scale agricultural project[16] and harnessing of solar power[17].


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