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Tom Norris, from Episode 51. By Paul Duffield
Name:Tom Norris
First Mention:Episode 50
First Appearance:Episode 50

Tom Norris was one of the refugees that arrived in Whitechapel at the end of Book Two. A week later he was dead, his body discovered by Kait at the start of Book Three[1].

Norris was originally from Corby in Northamptonshire. After the Crash he headed south, meeting up with Drew Gosden and Phillip Bowker near Milton Keynes and with the main group of refugees at Luton[2] before continuing on to Whitechapel. Around a week after arrival he was murdered (by sword[3]) in a fashion reminiscent of the victims of Jack the Ripper[4] and his body discovered by Kait in a house on Parfett Street[5].

Norris (and his two associates) do not seem to have been popular within the refugee group, a fellow refugee noting that they made life on the road difficult and that no one would miss them[6]. Miki described him as a "plain old working bloke who didn't even think too much about why he was still alive", noting his lack of survivor's guilt[7] and that the main thing he missed from the pre-crash world was chips[8].

It has been heavily implied that Norris was a cannibal. Miki noted that he was healthier than most of the rest of the refugees[9] and a fellow refugee stated that he, Gosden and Bowker gained weight while on the road, while other refugees vanished[10].

Norris's murderer has not yet been definitively identified - however it is reasonable to presume the killer is sword wielding renegade FreakAngel Mark Fox[11].


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