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The Refugees are a group of approximately 100[1] travelers who arrived in Hoxton, to the north of Whitechapel, in Book Two. Led by Buckland[2] they had been surviving by raiding settlements for food and supplies[3], a process that went very wrong when they chose to attack Whitechapel.

The ultimate origin of the group is unknown, although they gained[4] and lost[5] members on the road and passed near Luton[4] on their way to London. Eighteen months prior to their assault on Whitechapel they had stumbled over a military weapons cache, the 'dregs' of which were used in the attack[3]. By the time they set up camp in Shoreditch Park they were riddled with disease and malnutrition, people "at the end of the line"[6][7].

Miki insisted that the refugees be brought into Whitechapel[8], increasing the population of the settlement from around 300[9] to around 400. This has spurred a number of new developments including a farm, solar panels and fuel cells. It has also seriously depleted the settlement's medical supplies.

Among the refugees were alleged cannibals Tom Norris, Drew Gosden and Phillip Bowker. At least some of the group (including the aforementioned trio) had been compromised by Mark.


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