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Phil Barker (or Philip Bowker[1]) is one of the refugees that arrived in Whitechapel during Book Two.

Along with Tom Norris and Drew Gosden he joined the refugees near Luton. The three had previously met near Milton Keynes[2]. On arrival in the settlement he was billeted in Back Church Lane[3].

A few days after arriving in Whitechapel Phil and Drew started 'acting weird' and wandering off to the northwest to talk to 'some bloke' outside town[4][3]. This 'bloke' - almost certainly Mark Fox - supplied them with weapons including pistols, knives and swords[5][6]. Phil supplied one of these knives to a girl he was sleeping with, who was foolish enough to draw it on Kait[7][8].

It has been heavily implied that Phil is a cannibal. A fellow refugee stated that he, Norris and Gosden gained weight while on the road, while other refugees vanished[9]. None of the three were popular among the group[10].

Barker is yet to be seen in the comic.


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