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This article is notably incomplete and needs more content to bring it up to scratch.

The Package is the name used by the FreakAngels to refer to their remarkable set of abilities.

The Package gives the 'Angels wide ranging abilities in the fields of telepathy, mind reading, telekinesis and even teleportation. It also gives them a unique appearance with pale skin and purple eyes.

Use of the package causes the user's eyes to glow purple[1]. The level of glow appears to be proportional to the level of power being expended, with no glow perceptable during the use of basic telepathy[1]. Extreme expenditure may cause additional effects such as a glow surrounding the entire body, and the levitation of nearby objects and the FreakAngel themself[2].



Arkady (who has spent the most time exploring the package[3][4]) claims that the FreakAngels can "do anything, really"[5]. Nonetheless some level of categorisation of package abilities is possible.

Metabolic Control

The package provides a remarkable amount of physical and metabolic control over the user's body. Individual FreakAngels have been shown to slow their metabolisms down to reduce the need for sleep and food[6][7], to instantaneously sober up when drunk[8] and to heal their own injuries (or at least stop heavy bleeding[9]). It may also remove the necessity for food full stop[10] regardless of metabolic rate.


Arkady has carried out experiments in using the package to view the future[11]. To date the results appear to be mixed, including the highly likely (KK sleeping with a boy from the Lambeth Road[11]), the highly specific (Luke assaulting Janine and the rest of the clan's reaction[12]) and the downright bizarre (the strange fate of Mr Short[13]).

Remote Viewing

The package can be used to reach and psychically survey a large area. The range of this ability appears to depend on the power available ranging from an entire city[14] to the entire UK (if not further afield)[15][16].


Kait appears to have the ability to (at least temporarily) restore a certain level of life to the deceased[17]. On both occasions shown this has not worked particularly well, with Kait reflecting that she needs more practice.


The ability to move or apply force to objects using only the mind appears to be a standard part of the package. It can be used for fine manipulation (such as undoing a lock[18]), or with more force to shatter[19] or explode objects[20]. Strong application of the ability (seemingly requiring more than one FreakAngel to provide power[21][22]) can shatter concrete, demolish buildings and hurl large objects such as vehicles[23][24].

Alternatively, with sufficient control and power (such as that provided by several FreakAngels) telekinesis can be used to rebuild and repair large, complex structures such as houses[25]. Concentration is required to get all of the fine details correct however[26].


The package grants a wide range of options for transferring information from mind to mind and for manipulating the minds of others. At the most basic level the FreakAngels can communicate with each other over large distances simply by speaking out loud. Mind reading - extracting information from the minds of others - appears to be fairly trivial, at least for surface thoughts[27]. Conversely information (including images[28] and maps) can be implanted into or shared between minds, either directly or via dreams. Memories can also be modified or completely rewritten.


Arkady has developed the ability to move instantaneously from place to place without crossing the space in between[29]. She is able to take other people and objects with her[29], and can even teleport them without traveling herself[30]. The maximum range of this ability is unknown, but Arkaday has been shown to teleport over distances of several kilometres without difficulty[31][32].


The FreakAngels can generate a 'shield' or force-field around themselves, providing protection from explosions and impact. The maximum stopping power of such a shield is currently unknown, but they have been shown to be capable of deflecting high caliber gunfire and resisting a nearby mortar impact.

A shield is visible as a translucent purple field. It can be varied in size and shape, although a shield large enough to encompass several people appears to require participation from several FreakAngels, who may need to be in physical contact with each other to generate or maintain it.

A shield cannot be shaped around solid objects[33]. Maintaining it is a conscious process, if the creator falls unconscious the shield will fail[34], although sufficient upgrades appear to remove this restriction[35].


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