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Miki, from Episode 28. By Paul Duffield
Origin:The Village
First Mention:Episode 28
First Appearance:Episode 28

Miki is the doctor of the FreakAngels, providing Whitechapel with medical care from the Clinic.


Before the Crash

Very little detail has been revealed regarding Miki's background and family. She is of east Asian descent and grew up with the rest of the FreakAngels in their small, flat village. At some point as a child she hit KK in the head with a brick[1] and as a teenager had an 'unerring ability to locate alcohol within a five-mile radius'[2].

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels she was surrendered by her parents and taken into government or military custody at some point after her 14th birthday[3]. She escaped with the rest of the group at the age of 17 and with them instigated the Crash.

At some point (presumably) prior to the Crash Miki used the Package to absorb large amounts of medical information, making her an excellent - if technically unqualified[4] - doctor[5].

Post Crash

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels Miki helped to clean up Whitechapel, presumably assisting with the cleansing of the rape camp and the establishment of law and order. She looks after the physical health of the community from the Clinic, keeping detailed medical records[6], and may carry out some informal counselling as well[7]. She appears to have a closer relationship with Kait than the other 'Angels, which makes sense in light of their respective responsibilities within the settlement[8].

Miki rarely uses the mind reading capabilities of the package[9], but can view patients' internal organs when necessary[10].

Personality and Appearance

In her role as the group's doctor Miki keeps an eye on the other FreakAngels' health, criticising them for heavy drinking[11], not consuming enough water[12] and for pushing the boundaries of the Package[13]. Connor has noted that she's highly skilled at "telling people off" and that the more guilty she feels the more "other people get it in the neck"[14].

Miki appears to consider the well-being of others (regardless of their affiliation or relationship to Whitechapel) as her highest priority. She criticises the use of violence to defend the settlement, comparing the rest of the 'Angels to "insane people who kill everyone [they] see"[15], and insists on taking in Buckland's refugees, even though they had just attacked Whitechapel and their presence could overwhelm the settlement's infrastructure[16]. This may be related to the guilt she feels over the crash[17], although in one instance she justifies it via the medical principal of primum non nocere ("First, do no harm") [4].

While working Miki sometimes wears a doctor's coat decorated with the caduceus variant of the FreakAngels Symbol[18].


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