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Mark. From Episode 85. By Paul Duffield
Name:Mark Fox
Origin:The Village
First Mention:Episode 1
First Appearance:Episode 73

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Mark Fox is a FreakAngel. Exiled from Whitechapel he has spent several years at large in the countryside "fucking with the afflicted"[1]. He has recently returned to the settlement.


Before the Crash

Details of Mark's background and family are sketchy. He grew up with the rest of the FreakAngels in their small, flat village, and was taken into government or military custody when his parents surrendered him. He escaped with the rest of the group at the age of 17.

At some point - either while on the run or beforehand - Mark started considering how to use the Package to create a deterrent show of force. Something "so scary" that the authorities would chase after it rather than after the FreakAngels. He also experimented with remote viewing, although his abilities in this regard were limited.

On the run he started a debate with his fellow 'Angels on his idea of "our own Hiroshima". Debate was halted however when the group was discovered by the pursuing authorities. In the ensuing flight Mark was shot in the upper left leg and with the group pinned down convinced them to carry out his plan of combining powers and "punching a hole". He took the lead during the process, forcing the others to continue against their reservations. The result was the Crash.

In Whitechapel

Again, details of Mark's activities in Whitechapel are sketchy. He presumably took part in the cleansing of the Rape Camp and assisted with the restoration of order. He also apparently began experimenting with mind control, eventually running 50 people (around a sixth of the population) as "drones" under his control[2].

The discovery of this activity led to a group trial. While some of the 'Angels (including Kirk, Karl and possibly Caz) favored execution they were unable to convince the rest of the group[3][4]. Before a decision could be reached Mark chose to leave the settlement voluntarily[5][6]. Unsatisfied with this result Kirk and Karl took matters into their own hands with Karl following Mark and psychically assassinating him[7]. Despite Karl's insistence that he "felt [Mark's] brain die" he apparently survived this attack[8].

In Exile

Mark's activities outside of Whitechapel are unknown until he arrived in Manchester some years after his exile. Here he began working with Alice's brothers, importing gun, fuel and food from Ireland[9]. He apparently used the Package during this period, as some of Alice's associates suspected that he had unusual abilities[10].

Alice's brothers came to believe that he was skimming money off the top of the operation. When confronted with their suspicions he murdered them both - in front of Alice - using the opportunity to get deep into Alice's mind and plant a command to travel to Whitechapel[11] and kill the other FreakAngels[12][13][14]. Her arrival in Whitechapel some months later was the first the rest of the 'Angels had heard from him in years[15][16][17].

Return to Whitechapel

A week after Alice's arrival Kait discovered the body of a newly arrived refugee named Tom Norris - apparently murdered with a sword in a style reminiscent of Jack the Ripper. Investigations revealed that two of Norris's friends had been meeting an unknown person outside of the settlement. Further investigations led Kait to a weapon cache on Back Church Lane where she was confronted by gaunt looking and sword wielding Mark.

Appearance and Personality

The teenaged Mark appears to have been something of a leader among the group, issuing orders and taking the lead in conversations and debates. Prior to being handed over by his parents he seems to have been an idealist, suggesting that the package should be used to "help people"[18]. By the age of seventeen however he seems to harbour a great deal of anger and resentment and displays something of a sadistic streak. His later mimicking of Jack the Ripper suggests a particularly twisted sense of humour and his claim to be "the best mind of [his] generation"[19] suggests a megalomaniac streak.


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