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The Ten Bells from Episode 3. By Paul Duffield
Karl's Garden from Episode 3. By Paul Duffield

Karl tends a garden on top of (and presumably lives in) the semi-ruined Ten Bells pub on Commercial Street in Whitechapel.

The garden is located on platforms supported above the pub on scaffolding[1] and is split into two levels[2], linked by a ramp[3]. Access to the platforms is by ladder[1]. Plants are grown in containers including bathtubs, wheelie bins, buckets and jars and include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, bananas, lettuce, apples, beans, grapes and oranges[4][5][6]. Rainwater is captured in tanks and the plants hand watered with hoses and watering cans[7][8].

The warmer post-crash climate allows tropical species to be grown, although more sensitive plants are covered at night or during heavy rain. When necessary, nighttime lighting is provided by carefully screened wind up lamps[9][10].

Karl is perhaps the most reclusive of the FreakAngels, and prefers to spend time tending his plants. However he has a garden table with mismatched chairs for entertaining guests[11]. He also hides a stash of home-made wine in the basement[12].

The Ten Bells is apparently considered 'creepy' by the citizens of Whitechapel[12].


Paul Duffield visited the Ten Bells for reference purposes and was treated rather rudely by the staff. As a consequence he 'enjoyed' drawing it in ruins[13].


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