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Only one room of Kait's Place has ever been depicted. It appears to be underground (a staircase is seen, the roof is concrete and the only light source is a wind up lamp[1][2][3]) and is used as a workspace for her investigations of crime in Whitechapel[4]. It is fitted out with a desk and chair, a chest of drawers, a whiteboard and a weapon display board[2].

Weapons on display include what appear to be...[2][5]

  • A Glock Pistol
  • A Luger P08 Pistol
  • A flintlock pistol
  • A pump-action airsoft shotgun
  • A katana
  • A combat knife
  • A kitchen knife
  • Two pairs of handcuffs
  • Two wooden nightsticks
  • A wooden truncheon
  • A hand cranked taser[6]

It can be presumed that several of these have been confiscated from criminals, while others may have been located by Jack.

At least once Miki refered to Kait's place as "the Secret Headquarters", which did not impress Kait[7].


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