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Kait maintains a Jailhouse (or "visitor's room"[1]) in a secluded location somewhere in Whitechapel. She managed to keep its existence secret from the rest of the FreakAngels until the events of Book Three[2].

The Jailhouse appears to be in a ruined industrial facility and chiefly consists of a large, semi-flooded, swimming-pool like[3] pit fitted with shackles and chains. The walls are daubed with begging and penitent graffiti, and the water is stained with what appears to be blood and faeces[4].

Kait describes it as "somewhere to keep suspects" and "somewhere to talk to them", noting that it's easier to read minds after they've been "softened up a bit"[5][1]. It is unclear if this "softening up" is merely psychological, or if she employs torture to obtain confessions. The pit also serves as a deterrent with some suspects convinced to leave Whitechapel for good after "a couple of days" spent within[1].

The revelation of the jailhouse's existence elicited outrage and disgust from the other FreakAngels[6][7]. Nonethless they were happy to use the pit to hold Luke until a rape trial could be arranged.


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