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KK. From Episode 1. By Paul Duffield
Name:Kolfinnia Kokokoho Titching (KK)
Origin:The Village
First Mention:Episode 1
First Appearance:Episode 1

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Kolfinnia Kokokoho Titching (KK) is a FreakAngel. Designated as the "Scientist" and "Steamologist" she is "a genius with steam"[1] and responsible for the construction of several vehicles including the Water Cart, Jack's Boat and the Bike.


Before the Crash

KK grew up with the rest of the FreakAngels in their small, flat village[2]. Her parents (described as hippies[3]) named her Kolfinia (meaning "winter" in "some Norse language") and Kokokoho ("night owl", allegedly in Japanese), and contracted this to "Finny Koko"[4]. She has a strong (bordering on psychotic) dislike of her full name, preferring to go by her initials[4][5][6].

Growing up she appears to have been picked on by Sirkka (who made her wet her pants[7]) and in turn picked on Miki. On one occasion Miki retaliated by hitting her in the head with a brick - an event KK claims to have no memory of[8].

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels KK was surrendered by her parents and taken into government or military custody at some point after her 14th birthday[9]. She escaped and went on the run with the rest of the group at the age of 17[10]. During this period she formed an affection for helicopters, even the ones that were pursuing the group[11]. When the 'Angels were cornered by the authorities KK acted as the focus for their first united exercise of their abilities, smashing an escape route through police, soldiers and cars - an experience she appeared to enjoy[12].

Post Crash

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels KK helped to clean up Whitechapel. She assisted with the cleansing of the rape camp at Christchurch Spitalfields, but came into conflict with Sirkka over post-rape care[13]. She set up shop in a garage and constructed a number of steam powered vehicles including the Water Cart, Jack's Boat and her own personal helicopter, the Bike[14].

KK appears to have a notable drinking habit[15][16]. She also "likes to have sex", but attempts to conceal this by picking up partners in Lambeth[14] (this method of deception does not appear particularly successful[17][18][19]).

Among the rest of the 'Angels KK appears to be closest to Caz, which makes sense given their talents with engineering and infrastructure. According to Miki she is "still the one everyone looks to, to ensure that things are somehow cool"[19].

Book One

In Book One KK wakes up in Lambeth, then returns to Whitechapel to rescue Connor from Alice, which she does both physically (by dropping a water canister on her head) and psychically (by assisting Sirkka to clear out her mind). She then spells Kirk on the Watchtower and falls asleep, sparking off a fight when he returns. Later she takes part in the defence of Whitechapel against the New Cross Camp, dropping more water canisters and braining them with the bike's landing skids.

Book Two

In Book Two KK drinks tea wine with Caz and discusses the future of Whitechapel. She then heads off for the meeting at the Freakcave, picking up Miki and Kait along the way. After the mortar attack she and Caz track down and dispose of the mortar crew. At Shoreditch Park KK supports Miki's argument to take in the refugees.

Book Three

In Book Three KK starts work on a tidal power system and helps Connor and Jack deliver chickens to the farm. After Luke is imprisoned in Kait's pit she goes for a flight and gets caught up in the storm descending on Whitechapel. When Luke escapes she takes part in the search but is shot down by him, left dangling by her fingers from a collapsing gutter three storeys up.

Book Four

KK is rescued by Arkady, teleported into the Thames, and then to Miki's clinic. Along with most of the other 'Angels she is teleported to Back Church Lane to confront Mark, and takes part in both the attack on him, and the reconstruction of the building.

Book Five

Personality and Appearance


Kirk's definitions of "Kolfinia Kokokoho" appear to be somewhat inaccurate. Kolfinia is old Norse for "cold" or "white", while Ko kok oho is Algonquin (rather than Japanese) for "owl". It's possible that he's deliberately mistranslating to irritate KK, he's mis-remembering the definitions, or that KK's parents had the wrong definitions to begin with.


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