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Jack, from Episode 16. By Paul Duffield
Origin:The Village
First Mention:Episode 14
First Appearance:Episode 14

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Jack is a FreakAngel. Designated as the 'Scavenger' he spends most of his time away from Whitechapel on his boat, scouring the ruins of London for resources of use to the settlement.

He has a complicated relationship with Sirkka which is torn apart by his and Alice's killing of Luke in Book Four.


Before the Crash

Jack was named by his father[1] and grew up with the rest of the FreakAngels in their small, flat village[2]. Not a great deal of information has been revealed about his upbringing, but it has been suggested that he performed poorly at school and had a troubled relationship with his cigar-smoking father[3][4][5]. He was also "at it" with Sirkka "pretty much from the second [he] could be at it", although their relationship appears to be have been rocky even at this early stage[5][6].

He is known to have smoked from an early age[7] and to have purchased drugs from Connor's mother, resorting to sexual favours on one occasion when unable to pay - an incident observed by Kait[8]. He was also involved in a number of fights[9].

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels Jack was surrendered by his parents and taken into government or military custody at some point after his 14th birthday[10]. He escaped with the rest of the group at the age of 17[11]. While on the run he was particularly protective of Sirkka[12][13].

Post Crash

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels Jack helped to clean up Whitechapel, taking on the role of scavenger. He presumably assisted with the cleansing of the rape camp, but stayed out of the debate on how to treat the victims[14].

At some point after establishing the settlement Caz and KK constructed his boat[15], allowing him to travel further afield in search of salvage. This has resulted in him spending a lot of time away from Whitechapel, and Sirkka[16]. This appears to be a conscious decision on his part to avoid dealing with Sirkka's polyamorism and other FreakAngel issues[17][18].

Book One

In Book One Jack travels to Pimlico at Caz's request to locate rope for the Watchtower. Here he is ambushed by a group of Mudlarks but manages to kill them, and recover the rope.

Book Two

In Book Two Jack returns to Whitechapel. He and Sirkka's plans for a private night in are disrupted by an attack on the Settlement by Buckland's refugees. In the ensuing defence Jack has a run in with Luke, the escalation of which is prevented by Sirkka. Once the attack is defeated he returns to his boat and heads out to locate more salvage to support the suddenly enlarged population.

Book Three

One week later in Book Three Jack returns to Whitechapel bearing chickens. He and Connor deliver them to the Farm. During the debate on what to do with Luke, Jack is set to guard him with Alice, he then surreptitiously lends Kirk a pistol with a silencer. When Luke escapes Jack heads out to hunt him down, revealing - to Sirkka's anger - that he keeps several guns hidden in her house.

Book Four

In Book Four Jack and Alice hunt down and catch Luke. After Alice severely injures him, Jack finishes him off with a bullet through the head. He then argues with Sirkka and ends their relationship.

Book Five

In Book Five Jack prepares to take his boat and go into exile. He is prevented by Kait who informs him of Luke's resurrection. Along with Kait he is teleported to Connor's place by Arkady on Connor's apparent suicide. He is upgraded along with the other 'Angels and on waking up heads to Karl's place for the meeting.

Personality and Appearance

Jack is perhaps the most independent of the FreakAngels, spending most of his time away from the settlement on his boat. Much of his life seems to revolve around his complicated relationship with Sirkka, his relationships with the other 'Angels being secondary. Along with Kirk he has a particular hatred of Luke, one stretching back to when they were on the run as teenagers.


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