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FreakWiki is a completely unofficial, fan-run project to catalog and describe the world created by Warren Ellis in his weekly webcomic FreakAngels.

FreakWiki uses Media Wiki software as a tool for co-operation between authors. Wikis are websites which allow each user to alter the content. Members can write new articles or alter already existing ones.

By joining FreakWiki you commit to publish information with respect to the copyrights and intellectual property of Warren Ellis and Avatar Press.


The Rules

FreakWiki is run by Purple Wyrm and as such his word - no matter how arbitrary, capricious or unfair - is law (if you've ended up here from Whitechapel you should be used to this kind of thing). That said, the basic rules are...

  • Respect the copyrights. Don't post stuff that doesn't belong to you.
  • Play nice. Don't annoy, harass or provoke other users.
  • Be accurate. If you can't find a reference in the comic (or elsewhere), don't publish it.

More detailed rules and policies (such as they are) are detailed below...

Creative Commons

All contributions to FreakWiki are considered to be released under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Basically this means that...

  • Once you post content to the Wiki you no longer own it or have any exclusive rights to it (and neither does anyone else).
  • Anything you post to the Wiki can be copied and used for any non-commercial purposes by anyone who wants to do so.

Additionally other Wiki members are free to edit, change and generally hack about with anything you post.

If you don't accept these terms, then don't contribute.

Spelling, Grammar and Tone

Decent spelling and grammar are expected. Commonwealth (British) spelling is preferred, however no one is going to be punished for writing their articles with American spelling instead (maliciously going around 'correcting' British spellings in existing articles is another matter).

Articles should be written in a professional sounding, encyclopediac tone and from a neutral point of view - although we're not Wikipedia-style fanatics about it.


Create citations for all your entries. This wiki uses the Cite extension to create footnotes (instructions here) - use it. Have a look at existing articles if you're not sure exactly what's required or how to do it.


Speculation about the FreakAngels and their world is welcome as long as...

  • It is backed up with cited evidence from the comic
  • It is clearly marked as speculation - ideally under a separate heading at the bottom of the article.

Keep it brief and relatively sane. Long screeds and elaborate conspiracy theories will be deleted - or at least edited out of all recognition.

Meta Information

Meta information is 'real world' information about the series relevant to a particular article. It should be separated out under a 'Meta' heading under the main body of the article. Entire articles of this sort should be placed under the Meta category.


Warren has kindly granted us permission to upload images from FreakAngels to illustrate articles. These should be limited to single frames or portions of single frames and should be properly attributed to Warren Ellis and Avatar Press. Any such images remain the property of Warren Ellis and/or Avatar Press and will be promptly removed at the request of Warren Ellis, Avatar Press or their representatives.

Original images are welcome (where relevant) however please note that the same Creative Commons rules that apply to text apply to original images. Any original image you upload becomes public property.

Original Fiction

This is not a place for original fiction. If you want to write your own stories about the FreakAngels then good luck to you, but don't do it here.


Please see the Disclaimers page before joining or contributing.


Questions on any of these policies can be posted in the discussion page for this article.

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