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The young FreakAngels from Episode 97. By Paul Duffield. Left to right, back to front: Sirkka, Karl, Luke, KK, Mark, Miki, Kirk, Caz, Jack, Arkady, Connor, Kait.

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The FreakAngels are twelve "very strange" twenty-three year olds[1][2] with an impressive array of unusual abilities inhabiting a flooded and devastated Britain of the not very distant future.

Details on the group's past is sketchy but the following information has been revealed.



The FreakAngels were all born in England at exactly the same moment[1]. They grew up with their parents in the same "flat little village" in south-east England[3]. Their powers manifested at an early age[4] and this - combined with their unusual appearance - made taking holidays problematic[5].

Their teenage years were comparatively normal, involving school[6][7], drinking[8][9], drug use[10], clubbing[11] and sexual experimentation[12]. At some point between their fourteenth[13] and seventeenth birthdays however their parents surrendered custody[14] (presumably handing them over to some government or military body).

Around the age of seventeen[15] the FreakAngels went on the run, heading for London[16]. Pursued by the police[17][18] and military[19] they decided to create a deterrent by demonstrating the reach of their abilities[20]. This demonstration instigated the Crash, the event that devastated Britain and perhaps the rest of the world.


Some time after the Crash the FreakAngels found a group of survivors in east London. In an act of redemptive guilt they took over the area and started to re-establish a level of civilisation - while hiding their abilities from most of the population. They also established FreakAngels Law, limiting how their abilities could be used on others.

Some time after the establishment of Whitechapel Mark was discovered to be violating the Law by engaging in mass mind control and was exiled. Differences of opinion about this sentence led Kirk (supported by Karl) to follow Mark and assassinate him. Despite Kirk's insistence that he "felt [Mark's] mind die" he apparently survived the attack.

Several years later the FreakAngels are still inhabiting and protecting Whitechapel, although they have only recently started treating it like a permanent home.

The FreakAngels

All of the FreakAngels have a hard k sound in their names. In most cases, the letter actually appears in their name although Caz (Carolyn) and Connor are exceptions. Jack may be another exception as the name is a common nickname for John - although nothing has yet appeared to suggest that this is the case.

It is currently not clear if there is any significance to this, although common advice given to an author is to have each major character's name start with a different letter. Additionally there is the k in FreakAngels.

The name 'FreakAngels' seems to have been created by the group themselves at some point after the Crash and appears to be derived from a (possibly unofficial) label given to them by their captors - "Angels of Destruction"[21].

Arkady - The 'Neuronaut' and 'Mentalist'. After a drug overdose at age fifteen Arkaday varies between vague and spacey, and extremely sharp. She has explored far further into the package than the other FreakAngels.

Carolyn (Caz) - The 'Engineer'. Caz runs the Desalination Plant and (apparently with KK) builds and maintains much of Whitechapel's infrastructure. She is of Afro-Caribbean descent.

Connor - The 'Recorder'. Connor chronicles the group's victories and defeats in a series of hand written diaries. He has a reputation for taking in 'waifs and strays' and likes to think of the FreakAngels as 'a big happy family', even when this is obviously not the case.

Jack - The 'Scavenger'. Jack spends most of his time away from Whitechapel, scavenging London for supplies. This is partially because of his complicated relationship with Sirkka.

Kaitlyn (Kait) - The "Police". Kait enforces the rule of law in Whitechapel, using the package for purposes of investigation and interrogation. Her dedication to the law is regarded as "mental" by the other FreakAngels. She spends much of her time patrolling the settlement, shielding her presence from the rest of the group.

Karl - The "Gardener". He raises fruit and vegetables in a garden on top of the Ten Bells. He is the least social of the FreakAngels, usually blocking the others' telepathy with a tinfoil hat.

Kirk - The "Watchman", spending much of his time on top of the Whitechapel Watchtower. "Everyone's older brother" he has a particular dislike of Luke.

Kolfinnia Kokokoho Titching (KK) - The "Steamologist" and "Scientist". KK is responsible for most of the FreakAngels' steam technology, including her Bike. She has a fiery temper, particularly in connection to her full name.

Luke - The "Pariah" and "Bastard". Luke is highly intellectual and thinks of the FreakAngels as the "genetic master race". This leads him into conflict with the others, and causes him to use the package in highly questionable ways, culminating with rape in Book Three. He is shot dead by Alice and Mark in Book Four, but returns shortly afterwards in Book Five.

Mark Fox - Exiled after engaging in mass mind control Mark was until recently at large outside of Whitechapel "fucking with the afflicted". He has recently returned.

Miki - The "Doctor". Miki runs the clinic and sees to the health of the Whitechapel community. She has a gift for taking out her own feelings of guilt on others. She is of East-Asian descent.

Sirkka - "Mind/Body/Soul". Sirkka is polyamorous and attempts to "redefine the human relationship" by living with a harem of both men and women. This complicates her relationship with Jack. She is the most attuned of the FreakAngels to feelings and emotions.


If Jack's given name is in fact John, it increases the number of FreakAngel names taken from the authors of the New Testament: John, Mark and Luke. The group is also of course referred to as the FreakAngels. Speculation along these lines does not seem to be popular with Paul Duffield at least who points out that If you gather almost any series of names commonly used in England, you're bound to be able to draw Bible analogies where there are none[22].


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