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Use of Firearms appears to be rare after the Crash. This is probably due to low levels of gun ownership in the pre-crash United Kingdom, wear and tear on the guns that are available, and dwindling supplies of ammunition[1].

Among the FreakAngels Jack[2] and Kait[3] use firearms, and have access to several of them each. These have presumably been gathered during Jack's explorations, and confiscated from 'criminals' by Kait. The ordinary citizens of Whitechapel appear not to have access to firearms and are armed instead with improvised pole-arms[4] and crossbows[5].

Outside of Whitechapel only two groups have been shown to possess guns. Buckland's refugees had at least two of them[1][6] (along with grenades and a mortar[7][8]). These may have been salvaged from the military cache they raided[9]. The attackers from New Cross in Book One were armed with a variety of firearms, however this was regarded as surprising and notable[10].

The Mudlarks that attacked Jack in Book One did so without guns, instead being armed with a wooden club, a machete and an ASP Baton[11][12].


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