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The Crash refers to the world ending event that took place six years prior to the start of FreakAngels[1]. Instigated by the teenaged FreakAngels[2] its exact nature is yet to be revealed, however it devastated Britain and reduced society to a post-apocalyptic level.[3]

Effects of the Crash include raised sea levels[3], subsidence[4], major damage to buildings and infrastructure[3] and a warmer climate[5]. Distortions to the nature of time have also been reported[6].

The geographical extent of the Crash is unknown. Britain was clearly affected however the 'in-out game' suggests other countries may have been (at least temporarily) spared. Trade of guns, food and fuel exists between England and Ireland[7], although it is unclear if Ireland's supply of these materials is related to it being less affected. Whitechapel has never picked up any external radio signals[8] and America is considered to be completely unreachable[9].

The Crash is known by a number of names including "The Collapse", "The Singularity" and "The Big Splash"[10]. The FreakAngels themselves have referred to it as "punching a hole in the world"[11].


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