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Connor. From Episode 56. By Paul Duffield
Origin:The Village
First Mention:Episode 1
First Appearance:Episode 1

Connor is a FreakAngel. The 'Recorder'[1] of the group he keeps detailed records of the FreakAngels' "mistakes and little victories" in a series of diaries stretching back to before the Crash[2]. He also has a habit of taking in "waifs and strays", much to the derision of the rest of the group[3].


Before the Crash

As with most of the FreakAngels details of Connor's background and family are sketchy. He grew up with the rest of the FreakAngels in their small, flat village. He appears to have lived with his mother who used to "cremate" yorkshire puddings on Sundays[4].

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels Connor was surrendered by his parents and taken into government or military custody at some point after his 14th birthday[5]. He escaped with the rest of the group at the age of 17 and with them instigated the Crash.

As a child and young teenager Connor had a weight problem[6]. While the other FreakAngels teased him about this (including the coining of the nickname "Gutbucket"[3]) he does not seem to have been seriously overweight[7], merely chubby with "body-image issues"[8]. He lost weight by living on "bran flakes and oat milk for a year"[9] around the ages of 13 and 14 which gave him terrible flatulence[7]. The diet eventually worked but he remains highly sensitive about his weight.[10]

At the time of the Crash he was already recording events in a diary[11], a practice he has continued to the present day. Ironically (given the effects of the Crash) he was also unable to swim.[12]

Post Crash

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels Connor helped to clean up Whitechapel, presumably assisting with the cleansing of the rape camp and the establishment of law and order. He continues to record each day's "mistakes and little victories" in his diaries, which now take up an entire shelf of his apartment[2].

Connor's love life seems to be virtually non-existent. He has been mocked for not having "been laid since Noah was a boy"[13] and an attempt to get close to a girl from the Harlow Camp failed when she joined Sirkka's harem[9]. It has been suggested that he may harbour feeling for Alice, although this may just be good natured ribbing[9][14].

After the events of Book Four, culminating in the (apparent) death of Luke at the hands of Alice and Jack, Connor refuses to speak to the other 'Angels and prepares to leave Whitechapel[15][16], departing early in Book Five[17]. He is intercepted by Arkady who changes his mind.

Personality and Appearance

As a teenager Connor appears to have been a goth[11]. He continues to favour dark clothing and long coats[18][19][1]. He likes to think of the FreakAngels as a "big happy family"[20] even when this is obviously far from the truth and seems to act as something of a peacemaker within the group[21]. He has been said to have a habit of taking in "waifs and strays"[3][22] although the only instance of this shown so far is Alice.


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