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Whitechapel Clinic from Episode 31. By Paul Duffield
Whitechapel Clinic from Episode 28. By Paul Duffield

The Clinic provides medical care for Whitechapel[1]. It is run by Miki[2].

The clinic appears to be based out of a storage unit[3] and has a number of salvaged hospital beds[4]. It is decorated both inside and out with a FreakAngels Caduceus[4][3].

When first seen in Book Two it is well stocked with salvaged medicines[5]. The arrival of the refugees however has severely depleted supplies[6]. How this will affect the health of Whitechapel is yet to be seen.


Paul Duffield has stated that the clinic has no specific location, but that it is in Whitechapel. The street outside is based on a street in Oxford[7].


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