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FreakAngels Book Three collects episodes Forty-Nine to Seventy-Two. It takes place one week after the events of Book One and Book Two and involves the discovery and investigation of a murder, Luke's sexual assault of one of the refugees and the consequences therewith. The hardcopy version (FreakAngels Volume Three) is available to purchase from any good comic store, or online from Comic Cavalcade.

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  • Episode 49 - The FreakAngels (and Alice) are reintroduced. Kirk and Alice at the Watchtower, Karl and Arkady overseeing a new farming project, Connor and Jack at the pier (with chickens), Caz completing work on 're-inventing the solar panel' and Luke approaching one of the refugees.
  • Episode 50 - The reintroduction continues. KK working in her garage, Sirkka conducting a counseling session in the church and Miki seeing a patient (and concerned about dwindling medical supplies). Luke puts the push on the refugee and Kait discovers a body.
  • Episode 51 - Kait investigates the murder scene and fails to interrogate the victim. Miki is called in to identify the body.
  • Episode 52 - Jack, Connor and the chickens arrive at KK's garage. Salter's Duck is discussed. The chickens are delivered to the farm, to Arkady's delight.
  • Episode 53 - Caz tests the solar panels and attached fuel cell. She and Alice discuss power generation, artificial light and radio stations.
  • Episode 54 - Miki arrives at the murder scene. Quincy is discussed. Arkady is summoned (with a chicken), chaos ensues and Kait is teleported into the Thames.
  • Episode 55 - Kait is teleported back. Order is (eventually) restored. Arkady teleports the body to Miki's clinic. The modus operandi of the murderer is discussed.
  • Episode 56 - Kait identifies the murder method as that of Jack the Ripper. Caz and Alice discuss music and the lack thereof after the Crash. Connor, Jack and Karl construct a greenhouse. KK and Arkady feed the chickens. Kirk relieves himself. Luke lures his refugee into an alleyway.
  • Episode 57 - Kait identifies the murder weapon as a sword. Miki identifies the victim as Tom Norris. Norris's history and friends are discussed. Kait returns to her headquarters and opens the investigation.
  • Episode 58 - Caz and Alice play the in-out game at the Desalination Plant. Luke is discovered mid-rape on the refugee. Alice intervenes with the lid of a garbage can.
  • Episode 59 - Luke strikes back psychically against Alice. Caz intervenes. Sirkka arrives and battle ensues. Luke is rendered unconscious. Alice aids the refugee and attempts to finish off Luke - Caz prevents her.
  • Episode 60 - Sirkka cleans up the refugee and alters her memories - over Alice's objection. Caz calls a convention. Kait offers a place to keep Luke. The others are horrified.
  • Episode 61 - Alice and Jack guard Luke. Sirkka and the rape camp are discussed. Argument over the Jailhouse continues. Kirk volunteers to continue guarding Luke.
  • Episode 62 - Alice ascends the Watchtower. KK goes flying. Jack lends Kirk his gun and silencer. Kirk lectures the (seemingly) unconscious Luke about Mark and prepares to fire.
  • SDCC Skip - Jack's gun is shown, smoking from the barrel and ejecting a casing.
  • Episode 63 - Shot in the leg, Luke 'wakes up'. Kirk and Luke discus the situation. Luke expounds on the FreakAngels' position as the pinnacle of evolution. Kirk shoots his other leg.
  • Episode 64 - Karl and Arkady wait in the garden. KK argues with Connor. Sirkka and Jack sit in silence. Caz informs Miki of the situation. Alice eyes an incoming storm. Kait approaches some citizens.
  • Episode 65 - Kait interviews the citizens. One pulls a knife - Kait knocks her unconscious. The remaining citizen marks Norris and his friends (Drew Gosden and Phil Bowker) out as cannibals and says they were meeting a stranger outside of Whitechapel.
  • Episode 66 - Kait determines that the stranger is supplying weapons. She heads toward Bowker and Gosden's billet in Back Church Lane as the rain begins.
  • Episode 67 - Workers at the Farm and citizens at the Market run for cover. Kait gets wet. Luke complains about the weather and challenges Kirk about the limits of the package and Arkady. Kait arrives at Back Church Lane.
  • Episode 68 - Luke begs Kirk for assistance. Kirk acquiesces and Luke uses the package to fire the gun into his leg while he's distracted. Luke frees himself and attacks Kirk. They fight in the rain.
  • Episode 69 - The fight continues, Luke gaining the upper hand and shooting Kirk - although making a point of not killing him - then escaping. Kait investigates the empty house on Back Church Lane, apparently observed by persons unknown.
  • Episode 70 - Kirk calls for help. Arkady teleports to get Miki. KK hunts for Luke, Luke firing a package assisted shot at the Bike. Severely damaged it begins to descend near the Gherkin Tower.
  • Episode 71 - The Bike crashes onto a rooftop. KK is left dangling from a disintegrating gutter. Arkady teleports Miki to Kirk.
  • Episode 72 - Alice spots KK's crash, and Luke proceeding to the scene with the gun. She radios an alert and grabs her shotgun, intending to hunt down and kill him herself. Sirkka and her harem race to man their Steam Gun. Jack re-arms to hunt down Luke. Kait discovers a weapons cache and is confronted by a sword wielding individual who greets her by name.

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