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FreakAngels Book Four collects episodes Seventy-Three to Ninety-Six. It starts with a flashback to when the FreakAngels were on the run and the circumstances surrounding their initiation of the Crash, before returning to the present where the consequences of Mark's return and Luke's escape are played out.

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  • Episode 73 - The teenaged FreakAngels are on the run and holed up in a warehouse. Luke and Connor argue. Mark and KK return from scouting. Mark starts a conversation about the group's options. Karl suggests a show of force.
  • Episode 74 - Mark suggests a much bigger show of force. Various targets are discussed. Sirkka objects and Jack jumps to her defence. Caz puts her weight behind "changing the terms of the problem".
  • Episode 75 - Mark outlines his proposal. Arkady objects. The group is discovered and a police car smashes in the doors. KK, Luke and Mark smash in the police car. Mark orders an evacuation, and blows the driver's head to pieces. The group punches a hole through the rear wall and escapes.
  • Episode 76 - The group runs between warehouses, pursued by jeeps and helicopters. A shield is raised to protect against machine gun fire. Escaping into the woods is discussed. Jack defends Sirkka against gun wielding riot police. A warehouse is collapsed towards a jeep.
  • Episode 77 - The warehouse collapses onto the jeep. The group is caught in the open and surrounded. They raise a shield. Mark suggests a "practise run" of combining powers to punch through the cordon.
  • Episode 78 - KK takes control of the punch, blasting through the line. The group escapes into the woods, pursued by military helicopters. They open fire - unable to raise a proper shield Mark is shot in the leg. Arkady and Miki tend to him and he suggests the time has come for the big punch.
  • Episode 79 - Mark insists on his plan. The others acquiesce, linking powers. Mark uses remote viewing to select a target and starts the attack. Trees are torn from the ground and the helicopters destroyed.
  • Episode 80 - The punch continues. Sirkka, Arkady, KK and Miki note that the process "feels different" is "not right" and "hurts". Mark continues nonetheless insisting that they're "almost there". A massive stream of energy is shot into the sky and the FreakAngels are thrown out in all directions.
  • Episode 81 - The FreakAngels recover from the blast and discuss what has happened. Strange effects are noticed in the sky and with speech, suggesting the flow of time has been disrupted. Miki attempts to heal Mark but discovers her powers have vanished.
  • Episode 82 - Karl and Kirk discuss the disappearance of the Package. An aurora comes in view. KK and Luke argue about the implications but are interrupted by a roaring sound, identified by Luke as the sea. The FreakAngels are thrown off their feet by what appears to be a violent earthquake and windstorm. The action returns to the present where Kait identifies the swordsman behind her as Mark.
  • Episode 83 - Mark greets Kait. Arkady teleports Miki and the injured Kirk to the clinic. Alice descends the watchtower, Jack patrols the street, Sirkka readies her steam gun and Luke takes cover in a doorway. Arkady teleports to the dangling KK, but the gutter collapses.
  • Episode 84 - KK loses her grip on the collapsing gutter and plummets towards the ground. Arkady leaps from the edge and catches up, teleporting them both into the Thames near the pier. They strike heads as they go under. KK emerges from the water but the apparently unconscious Arkady sinks.
  • Episode 85 - Kait and Mark talk and Mark demands Whitechapel. Kirk prompts Karl to attempt weather control. Mark explains his plan to take over Kait's mind. She destroys his sword. Alice locates and shoots at Luke.
  • Episode 86 - Kait informs Mark that things have changed, and offers to negotiate. Luke dodges Alice's fire and keeps running. KK dives for Arkady. Arkady has a vision and regains consciousness, teleporting herself and KK away.
  • Episode 87 - KK and Arkady materialise in the clinic. Miki assesses the again unconscious Arkady. Karl's attempt at weather modification begins. Mark informs Kait of Kirk and Karl's assassination attempt. Alice pursues a disorientated Luke who runs straight into a firefight with Jack.
  • Episode 88 - Mark recounts the details of the assassination attempt and his survival with new abilities. Karl's weather modifications start working. Luke runs from Jack and right into a jubilant Alice.
  • Episode 89 - Alice fires. Luke raises a shield a fraction of a second too late and collapses to the ground, grievously injured. Jack finishes the job by shooting him through the head - to Sirkka's distress - and then throws up - to Alice's disdain. Karl detects Luke's death and Mark's presence in Whitechapel. Kait and Mark argue and Mark fires up the package.
  • Episode 90 - Arkady regains consciousness, detects Mark's presence and teleports with KK to pick up Karl and Caz. Kait and Mark continue to argue and Mark commences his attempt to seize control of her mind. Arkady teleports in with the others, startling Mark into ceasing his attack. Surrounded, he apologises, and a large amount of power is expended.
  • Episode 91 - The exterior of the house in Back Church Lane is shown with windows and walls cracking from the power being wielded within. A flashback to the FreakAngels' 14th birthday begins with Mark, Connor, Caz and Arkady discussing Connor's diet and how unimpressed they are with being fourteen. Mention of Jack and Sirkka's relationship leads to Mark suggesting the group should use the Package to "help people" and "change everything for everybody". Back in the present the house collapses.
  • Episode 92 - Karl, Caz, KK, Arkady and Kait stand outside the demolished house. Kait fills them in on Mark's activities and intentions, and Arkady notes that Mark is still alive. Kait is updated on the Luke situation. Arkady leads the group in linking minds to rebuilt the house, the success of which causes jubilation.
  • Episode 93 - The last few bricks fly into place. Kait enters the building to deal with Mark, noting that the door isn't quite right. Mark is discovered with a shield up - despite being unconscious. Karl helps her take down the shield and weather control and Luke are discussed. Jack informs Kait of Luke's death and threatens to leave Whitechapel. Kait orders everyone back to Miki's.
  • Episode 94 - Kait and Karl continue their conversation. Karl and Kirk's attempt to kill Mark is raised, and Karl tells his side of the story. Kait discusses her somewhat disturbing fantasies. Arkady offers to teach KK to teleport. KK mourns her bike. Karl requests Arkady's help to move Mark, and Connor's absence is noticed.
  • Episode 95 - Connor - his bags packed - refuses to talk. Arkady plans to speak to him later. The group teleport to the Clinic. Miki examines Mark and a reluctant KK. Guards are posted. Jack and Alice run into Sirkka. Alice makes a tactical withdrawal. Sirkka - distraught - slaps Jack across the face.
  • Episode 96 - Sirkka and Jack argue. Jack declares that he's tired of their relationship and that he's done with it and Whitechapel before walking off. Connor finishes packing his bags and leaves his flat. Miki finishes working on Kirk and complains about the day she's had. Luke - complete with bullet hole through brain - walks in, complaining of a headache.

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