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FreakAngels Book Five collects episodes Ninety-Seven to One-Hundred and Twenty.

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  • Episode 97 - An unseen narrator runs through the FreakAngels' history, from their birth, through the Crash, the establishment of Whitechapel, Mark's exile, Karl and Kirk's assassination attempt, and Alice's arrival. The individual FreakAngels are reintroduced with information on their recent activities (Connor leaving his house, Arkady arriving at Connor's too late, Sirkka and Jack going their separate ways, Kait about to 'nick everyone', Miki treating Kirk's wounds, Karl, Caz and KK guarding Mark) and reactions to the events of Book Four. The narrator is revealed to be the resurrected Luke.
  • Episode 98 - Luke rants, covering his side of the rape incident, the kind of day he's been having, his experience of death and philosophical implications thereof and a vision of 'the future' that resurrected him (and told him he was a complete wanker).
  • Episode 99 - Luke continues his rant (despite interruption by Miki and KK) expounding on the theory of the Package as an electromagnetic field, the future, FreakAngel immortality and upgrading via 'violent pertubation'.
  • Episode 100 - Luke reaches the culmination of his reasoning. KK clubs him over the head with a chair. Kait confronts Jack at the pier. He explains that he's going into voluntary exile. Kait kicks him in the crotch.
  • Episode 101 - Kait enlightens Jack about Luke's resurrection and convinces him to come to the clinic. Alice resumes her duties on the watchtower.
  • Episode 102 - Whitechapel's citizens return to their daily routines. Sirkka mourns. Alice wishes for herbal relief. Connor passes the remains of the bike on his way out of town and is confronted by Arkady. He explains his point of view and his reasons for leaving.
  • Episode 103 - Arkady chases after Connor, who is not impressed by the news that Mark is back and Luke alive - potentially with upgraded abilities. Arkady changes his mind with a massive info-dump.
  • Episode 104 - Connor realises that Mark may be more of a threat than anyone has suspected. Arkady resolves to "fight crime". Miki discovers the unconscious Luke healing himself and 'decorates' his newly knitted forehead.
  • Episode 105 - KK returns to her workshop and mourns the loss of her bike. She begins sorting through parts. Caz and Karl discuss psychic hitmen and tinfoil hats while guarding the unconscious Mark.
  • Episode 106 - Caz and Karl continue their discussion, covering Karl's motivations for killing Mark, Caz's for voting to exile him and what's going to happen now he's back and execution isn't an option. Connor and Arkady pass the Market on the way back to Connor's Place, discussing how death affects the package and how Arkady could end up standing alone against the upgraded Luke and Mark. We see the world through Arkady's eyes. Connor heads upstairs to dump his bags while Arkady investigates the mind of a bird. A bloody bullet smashes Connor's window from the inside.
  • Episode 107 - Kait critiques Jack's plans. Arkady teleports them both to Connor's Place where she sits over Connor, who has shot himself through the head. Jack complains and Kait assesses the situation. Jack incurs Arkady's wrath by suggesting Connor was trying to actually kill himself. Arkady remembers Connor's treatment of her after her overdose, and Connor chimes in.
  • Episode 108 - Connor explains that he's actually dead and attempts to explain as much as possible before he returns. Confused details concerning the nature of time, Mark, Mark's plans for Alice and a stroke he suffered (or will suffer) are revealed.
  • Episode 109 - Connor's visions continue. Mark informs him that his decision to deliberately upgrade himself is important and that he has a plan. Alice spots something from the watchtower.
  • Episode 110 - Connor discusses things with the future and confronts Mark about his plan. Mark confesses to masterminding the Mudlark and New Cross attacks to test Whitechapel's defences, and that he wants to seize the settlement as a private fortress against something that's coming. Alice focuses the Watchtower's telescope. Connor tells Mark he has a plan, and forces a Package upgrade on the other 'Angels.
  • Episode 111 - Connor tells Miki to keep it together. Mark warns that he'll regain consciousness soon, and that nothing will be able to stop him. Connor orders Sirkka to psychically search London for anything to that 'feels wrong'. Alice focuses in. Connor briefs the rest of the 'Angels on Mark's scheme and that something sufficient to terrify him into returning is coming, and asks them to put aside their differences to defend the people of Whitechapel. Alice finally focuses the telescope, discovering a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Helicopter with United States markings hovering over Southwark.
  • Episode 112 - Alice attempts to contact the 'Angels but is interrupted by Connor broadcasting a warning about a time disturbance passing the settlement. Connor psychically pays her a visit, and explains that the 'Angels have created the disturbance to isolate the settlement. He leaves before she can mention the the helicopter. She looks again and sees that the copter has vanished. With Connor unconscious the other 'Angels psychically discuss the time barrier and plans to uncover Mark's drones before they pass out. An old TV set in KK's Garage springs to life.
  • Episode 113 - The TV plays an episode of 'Kaitlyn: Proper Cop' as Kait exercises her upgraded package. KK and Miki are disturbed. Kait locates Mark's drones and is criticised by Karl for her 'supervillian dialogue'. The group clear out the drones, speculate on Mark's motives and determine a place to meet, much to Karl's annoyance.
  • Episode 114 - Arkady is alone. Alice muses on the disappearing helicopter. Citizens of Whitechapel go about their business, including daring each other to investigate the time-moat, skinning rabbits, cooking meals, rolling cigarettes and baking bread.
  • Episode 115 - Connor wakes up, without a 'brain-hole'. Kait dreams about Quincy. Luke wakes up, seemingly disorientated. Miki warns him that they've all been upgraded. Luke waxes lyrical about his balls, and notes that he's not very well in the head. Sirkka gets dressed. Mark fails to wake up and Miki explains that she's 'tweaked' him. Karl mutters about his precious wine.
  • Episode 116 - Luke makes his entrance, sparking hostility and consternation over his 'decoration'. Miki admits to a 'moment of weakness'. Kirk wakes up and Luke mistakes his amusement for forgiveness. Caz and Miki prevent a fight. Miki orders Mark to be moved to Karl's place. Luke and Karl bicker. Sirkka heads out. Kait and Mark exchange gibes.
  • Episode 117 - Kirk, Miki and Caz leave the clinic in a cheerful mood, carrying Mark. Karl remains disgruntled and bickers with Luke, who complains about his balls. Arkady helps Connor down the stairs to join Kait and Jack. The four reminisce about their parents. Kait reveals a previously obscure incident involving Jack and Connor's mother.
  • Episode 118 - Connor is shocked, Kait is gleeful and Jack hears something. Alice identifies the sound as helicopter blades and gets her shotgun. Kirk, Miki and Caz hear the same, and question the effectiveness of the time barrier around Whitechapel. Karl is puzzled and Luke terrified. KK dive bombs the group in her new Bike and flies off cackling. Alice prepares to shoot down the 'intruder'.
  • Episode 119 - KK continues her flight over Whitechapel, waving at the citizenry. She returns to the group and lands, confirming to Caz that she built the new Bike using the upgraded Package. Luke once again complains about his balls.
  • Episode 120 - Karl heads off to "look at" something. KK takes off to return the bike to her garage. Karl visits the Farm and uses the package to build a new greenhouse. KK flies overhead.

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