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KK Taking off on the Bike (Episode 18)[1]
KK and the new Bike (Episode 118)[1]

The Bike[2] is a small, steam/electric[3] powered helicopter constructed by KK around an old motorcycle. It was at least partially inspired by the police and military helicopters that pursued the FreakAngels while they were on the run[4].

The Bike serves as KK's default form of transport, also finding use for purposes of search/surveillance[5] and defence[6]. It is sometimes armed with bombs[7][8]. It has a dedicated landing pad on the Whitechapel Watchtower[9] and may occasionally be used by the other FreakAngels[2]. It may be able to climb as high as 1000 feet (305 metres)[8].

The Bike is shot down by Luke during his escape in Book Three[10].

In Book Five KK starts work on a replacement Bike[11]. The completed vehicle is revealed in Episode 118 when she uses it to buzz the other 'Angels on their way to Karl's Place[12]. The new bike is not based on a motorcycle chasis, and has two contra-rotating rotors eliminating the need for a tail rotor. Where the old bike was partially operated by foot pedals, the new version seems to be entirely controled by buttons and joysticks, apparently looted from an arcade machine[13].

The rapid completion of the vehicle (only a few hours pass between KK starting work and the new Bike's revelation - for some of which she would have been unconscious) suggests it was constructed using KK's upgraded package.


The power to weight ratio of steam engines is generally insufficient for flight. This fact, combined with the lack of an obvious heat source on the bike have led to speculation that the Package plays a role in keeping it aloft.

Luke's mention in Episode 97 that the bike is at least partially electric may however resolve the question of power[14].


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