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Arkady, from Episode 8. By Paul Duffield
Origin:The Village
First Mention:Episode 8
First Appearance:Episode 8

Arkaday is a FreakAngel. Designated as the "Neuronaut/Mentalist" she has explored the Package much further than the rest of the 'Angels.


Before the Crash

Arkady's name derives from the phrase "ah, a child of Arcadia" spoken by her "really, really stoned" mother during her birth[1]. She grew up with the rest of the FreakAngels in their small, flat village[2]. At the age of 14 she had a boyfriend with a motorcycle[3].

At the age of 15 she overdosed on an injectable drug, being found by the rest of the 'Angels face down in a puddle with a needle sticking out of her arm[4][5]. Many of them seemed to think she "had it coming" but Connor took her home and looked after her[6]. This experience turned her into "an acid casualty"[7] but "unpacked" more of the Package[8], giving her greater access to its powers and abilities than the rest of the group.

Along with the rest of the FreakAngels Arkady was surrendered by her parents and taken into government or military custody at some point after her 14th birthday[9]. She escaped with the rest of the group at the age of 17[10].

While on the run Arkady favoured a show of power[11], but was concerned that Mark's plan might hurt people[12]. She participated in the action that instigated the Crash with the intention of "making a hole and making everything shake"[13], although she may have tried to pull out midway[14].

Post Crash

Arkady is one of the two FreakAngels in Whitechapel (the other being Luke) without a strongly defined role, probably due to the erratic and spacey nature left her by her overdose. She appears to spend much of her time "testing the limits of the package"[15], experimenting with precognition and remote viewing - sometimes with the aid of alcohol[16][17]. A recent development is her ability to teleport[18]. She has a house somewhere in Whitechapel although this is yet to be shown[19]. She appears to be popular with the settlement's children[20].

Arkady is somewhat protected and sheltered by the other FreakAngels, with a standing rule that take shelter at Sirkka's when the settlement is attacked[21]. Revelation of her teleportation ability (and appreciation of its strategic utility) seems to be altering this situation however with her playing an important role in dealing with the refugees[22] and the return of Mark[23]. Her recent almost-drowning has granted her even greater access to the Package[8], although the precise consequences of this are yet to be seen.

Personality and Appearance

Arkady's natural hair colour appears to be black[3]. She later dyed it purple[24] but began shaving her head at some point after the Crash. She dresses in lightweight, transparent garments and has only recently begun wearing underwear (at Karl's request)[25].

Her personality varies between vague and unfocused and "sharper than anyone has a right to be"[7]. She displays a childlike delight in objects like the Water Cart[26], 'fishies'[27], flowers[28] and the 'chikkins' captured by Jack[29] but is capable of split second decisions to defend Whitechapel and its citizens[30].

She appears not to get on well with Luke, who is "okay with hurting [her]"[31]. Kait appears to have issues with her spaciness, describing her as a "teleporting tithead"[32] and threatening to "cut her nipples off"[33] (although the later was after some substantial provocation).


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