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Alice, from Episode 21. By Paul Duffield
Name:Alice Shona Mahoney[1]
First Mention:Episode 1
First Appearance:Episode 2

Alice Shona Mahoney[1] is a citizen of Whitechapel and an honorary FreakAngel. She arrived in the settlement after her brothers were murdered by renegade FreakAngel Mark Fox.


Early Life

Alice appears to have been born and raised in Manchester, along with her two brothers[1]. She may have been a Manchester United fan, their colours seeming to be a regular part of her wardrobe[2][1].

Her grandfather was "music mad" and took her to football matches from a young age - after one of which introducing her to Tony Wilson[3].

Other details of her upbringing are scarce. She used to enjoy getting chips on a Friday night, and her father had a GPS unit in his car[4]. Her mother used to pray for lottery numbers[5].

Post Crash

After the Crash Alice and her brothers worked with the Deansgate Crew, ascending the Beetham Tower on ropes[6]. They also came under mortar fire from Moss Side[7].

Her brothers ran food, fuel and guns into Manchester along the Manchester Ship Canal from Ireland[8]. They had the bad fortune to become involved with the exiled FreakAngel Mark Fox who became a member of their operation. When confronted with their suspicions that he was skimming money off the top he murdered them both, in front of Alice[8]. He used this opportunity to get deep into Alice's mind[9], planting a command to travel to Whitechapel and kill his fellow FreakAngels[10].

To carry out this command Alice walked the 300 or so kilometres (190 miles) from Manchester to London[11].


On arrival in Whitechapel Alice confronted Connor[12]. She attempted to carry out her instructions but was prevented by KK and Sirkka who cleaned out her mind[13]. She was offered a job on the Whitechapel Watchtower[14] and played a crucial part in alerting the settlement to the New Cross attack[15]. As a result she was made an "honorary FreakAngel"[16].

Alice has continued to man the Watchtower, noticeably during the attack by Buckland's refugees[17]. As of Book Three she has stuck at the job for a week - equaling any of the others assigned to assist Kirk - and has rigged up a series of ascender ropes[18][19].

She is the only non-FreakAngel in Whitechapel aware of their abilities[20], although she is currently unaware of their role in the Crash. Her status as an honorary FreakAngel does not extend to having a say in "FreakAngel Business"[21].

Her experience with Mark has left her with a strong dislike of mind-manipulation[22][23]. After the events of Book Three she has developed a similarly strong dislike of Luke[24]. This culminates with her and Jack's hunting down and execution of him in Book Four.


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